Our lightest weight fabric with a super soft peach hand feel. A cross between active and loungewear. Provides the wearer supreme comfort with an excellent range of movement due to its stretch ability. Is quick drying and wrinkle free. Made for light workouts and everyday wear.




Our most popular performance and leisurewear fabric. Soft to the touch with stretch in every direction. Perfect for the female who wants to enhance her curves with a little more hold without a heavy compression fit and feel. Made for workouts & everyday wear




Imagine slipping into a realm of unparalleled comfort and luxurious softness. The fabric caresses your skin like a gentle breeze, creating a sensation so sublime that it feels like butter against your skin. This is the epitome of the softest, lightweight, soft print fabric you could ever encounter for activewear. Additionally, its breathability ensures proper airflow, preventing overheating and allowing your skin to breathe naturally.




Textured fabrics have an irregular tactile look and touch. This gives it a more inviting feel, that brings a relaxed, comfortable hand touch. Textured fabrics are raised with a specific pattern that helps hide flaws. This texture has a snap back recovery and is ideal for weight lifters who want to get the get the best out of their workout. 



Knits that move with your body to hug your curves in all the right places in the most flattering way. Made with less seams which means no pinching, rubbing, or digging in. Recommended for workouts and everyday wear



Interlock fabric is renowned for its durability and long-lasting quality. It is often constructed using strong and resilient fibers, making it resistant to tearing, fraying, and pilling. This fabric is a good choice for leg day when doing squats as it helps to prevent sheerness.This fabric can withstand rigorous workouts and frequent use, maintaining its shape and integrity over time. The rows of stitches are created one behind the other, using two rows of needles that cross over each other to construct it. The interlocked, double rows also create a fabric that is thicker than regular knit fabric.



This high shine gloss fabric is engineered for activewear that effortlessly transitions from workout sessions to stylish evening wear. This unique fabric combines performance and fashion, offering a sleek and eye-catching appearance that adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. Its radiant and reflective surface exudes a captivating luster that catches the light, creating an alluring visual effect. This glossy finish elevates the aesthetic appeal of the fabric, making it a standout choice for those seeking a chic and trendy look. cs text




Our thickest fabric with a more compression fit. A great performance fabric that keeps you cool and dry. For the female who wants everything to fit a bit more tight. Designed for higher impact workouts.