Fitted Zip Up Jackets To Sculpt and Define

Fitted Zip Up Jackets To Sculpt and Define


A perfect form-fitting piece of clothing will never leave your wardrobe rotation. Sleek, soft, sporty, and sculpting, the fitted zip-up jacket is always the first choice.

Designed to sculpt and define, a fitted zip-up jacket contours your waist and enhances your physique, but if we're being honest, it's the ‘jaw-drop effect’ that we're all wearing them for. In the same way shapewear can dramatically enhance your silhouette, the fitted zip-up jacket also possesses the same powers.

These stylish full zip jackets look fantastic paired with a matching pair of leggings for the ultimate studio girl look, dressed up and worn under trench coats as transitional layering pieces, or as the perfect running jacket. You may have seen these body skimming jackets referred to as the BBL jacket over on TikTok, and if the meaning of this term escapes you, don’t worry, an explanation is coming right up…

The zipped-up snatched look isn’t anything new, the soccer moms of the 2000s were sporting them pitch-side, most likely thrown on for the school run after an aerobics home video workout. But now, the BBL jacket is a new modern-day staple for all active ladies and the pinnacle of athleisure-wear styling.

For the ultimate definition, we’re sizing down in our zip-up jackets for an even more fitted look. Find out all about the viral sculpting jacket, the best-fitted jackets, and how

A jacket is a sporty zipped fitted jacket designed to flatter and sculpt the body.

If your FYP isn’t full of try-on hauls and gym fitspo then the term BBL jacket might not make a lot of sense to you. So we’re here to clear things up; a BBL is a cosmetic procedure to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks and create a smaller waistline. Now what has that got to do with jackets you say?

Simply put, these sporty fitted jackets are referred to as jackets because of their waist-enhancing silhouette. Fitted zip jackets have the “effect” as they are figure-hugging and often feature contour details to enhance the waistline and give definition.

They are typically made from stretchy, breathable fabrics for exercising. The materials used for our fitted zip-up jackets are so buttery soft, and so comfortable that they make for the perfect jacket for everyday wear too. Guaranteed to give you a boost of confidence, once you get a look at yourself in the mirror won't want to take yours off any time soon.

Fitted zip jacket to skim your body and create that sculpted look we know you all love… say no more. We’ve got fitted jackets for running, yoga, running errands, and comfy weekend ‘fits. Take a look!


The Sweat Seamless Zip-Up Jacket is a full-length zip jacket with a body fit that sculpts the body seamlessly. It features more of a mock neck design rather than a high one, ending around mid-neck instead which can feel much more comfortable and less restrictive, especially if you’re working out in this jacket. Made from our DYNMC™️ sweat-wicking fabric, this is a brilliant fitted jacket for working out in, but come to the weekend, pop the jacket on with its matching set of leggings (and a large pair of sunnies) and you’ve got the perfect sleek athleisure ‘fit.


When it comes to flattering jackets, the Elevate Track Top may just take the crown. Brand new to our roster, and already a winner with our community, this jacket hugs you in all the right places and sits at the perfect length at the top of the waistband. The contouring contrast stitch details under the bust are another physique-enhancing detail that adds to the flattery of this jacket. It’s both comfortable and stylish, making it a great jacket to wear casually or to work out. Runners, your ears are going to perk up right now because get a load of this… we’ve also got zip pockets!


If you love the look of a fitted zip-up jacket, but it’s the cropped silhouettes you adore, our Vital Seamless Midi Jacket will be right up your street. Designed with a slightly shorter length, sitting just above the waistband for a peak of the torso, we love the crop look of this jacket. There’s nothing quite like the boost of confidence you get when you zip your fitted jacket up in the mirror and see its sculpting effect. Wow. But this jacket not only looks good, it’s made for performance too, with sweat-wicking tech and a breathable design to keep you cool and dry as you move.


Wondering what to wear with your fitted zip jacket? The fitted jacket and biker shorts combo is an unbeaten warm-weather fit, but here are some other styling ideas for you to get your hands on!


Biker shorts have it all. They can be stylish, understated, casual, and sporty, and there's no end to ways you can style biker shorts in the warmer months. The biker short and fitted jacket combo is a winner for a sleek and sculpted look, wear it to your next Pilates class, or brunch date with friends!


A cute matching gym set gives us the same buzz as getting dressed up for a night out, are we right? We're feeling ourselves in a matching fitted jacket and leggings set, as the flattering design, and sculpting details will have you feeling, and performing your best.


Sweatpants are the unsung heroes of rest-day dressing. Comfy, baggy, and casual, our sweatpants can be styled for days you're in pure hibernation mode or recovery sessions. Wear your sweatpants as a pump cover with a fitted jacket for a laid-back lifting look.

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