Does Activewear Impact Your Workout?

Does Activewear Impact Your Workout?

If you're like us, you love a great pair of athletic leggings or a comfortable sports bra to hit the gym in. Feeling bold and beautiful are feelings unlike any other, but did you know how you dress influences your athletic performance? It's true! In fact, what you choose to wear while exercising can have many different benefits on your mind and body. Premium athletic wear, like apparel from TBSW Sportswear, offers more than an old cotton tee and pair of sweats ever could. Here are a few of the most prominent perks of that new Bombshell set that goes beyond its sporty, sexy appearance.

Acts as A Confidence Booster

This one is a given, but it's definitely worth mentioning. With a sexy gym top and pair of high-quality leggings, you'll feel empowered and ready to take on your next workout. This feeling of boldness can contribute to your overall self-esteem, so much so that there is now something called "enclothed cognition." This psychological phenomenon occurs when the clothing someone is wearing triggers positive mental changes that directly affects their confidence and performance. This makes sense when you consider what you normally wear while working out. If you normally take time to assemble the perfect outfit, then you likely experience "enclothed cognition," especially when you're feeling accomplished enough for that post-workout selfie!

Helps Regulate Body Temperature

Can you think of a time when you were in the sun or working out in a cotton shirt? More than likely, you might recall that shirt being super uncomfortable after soaking up sweat! Workout clothing for women, especially options like ours, is designed for performance. Because of this, you can expect the fabrics to feel light and breathable with sweat-wicking qualities. Premium athletic wear will help keep you dry as you exercise, which is important for comfort and your performance. If you were in a heavy shirt drenched in sweat, your body would have a more difficult time regulating temperature. This could cause you to feel faint, which is the last thing you want to happen while working out. It's best to stick with the right type of clothing for yoga, the gym, or wherever else you enjoy training.

Heightens Athletic Performance

When you're wearing high-quality fabrics like ours, your performance will be improved. Will you become a professional athlete? Of course not, but you will feel like one. Your comfort level is so key to a great workout, and with heavy materials like cotton, you're more likely to feel weighed down. Workout clothing like ours is designed with premium fabrics like spandex and polyester for a lightweight feel that sculpts your silhouette, wicks sweat, and provides the support you need to perform. Feeling comfortable in your clothing can make a difference in that last rep, extra 30 seconds on your run, or your unbroken focus during a hot yoga session.

Offers Freedom to Move

There's nothing worse than feeling restricted in what you're wearing, and the last place you want to feel like that is the gym or yoga studio. Your clothing should allow for full range of motion, so you can move in any direction without feeling uncomfortable. Lightweight, thoughtfully designed activewear will keep you feeling free to carry out your workout routine. Plus, premium fabrics won't scratch and irritate your skin during high-intensity activities. Luckily, we use our Second Skin fabric for many of our products, which gives you a complete range of motion for lifting weights, running, biking, dancing, and more.

Next time you're on the fence about a new pair of leggings or sports bra, just remember that outside of looks, you're really treating your mind and body right! Refresh your workout wardrobe with our selection of premium leggings, tees, shorts, crop hoodies, sports bras, and more.



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