10 Guided Meditations For Anxiety And Stress

10 Guided Meditations For Anxiety And Stress

When your stress builds up and your mind is filled with worries and never-ending to-do lists, tuning into a meditation can be a saving grace to recenter and ease anxiety. Of course, meditation isn’t a complete solve for everything going on in your life, but being consistent in your practice does have some scientifically proven benefits over the long run.  

In one study published in peer-reviewed journal JAMA Psychiatry, scientists researched 276 people with untreated anxiety disorders, like general anxiety, panic disorder, or social anxiety, and separated them into two groups. One group was prescribed the anxiety drug Lexapro, and the other took an intensive mindfulness meditation program.  

Over eight weeks, they found that both groups reduced their anxiety symptoms by 20 percent using the same clinical scale. Elizabeth Hoge, director of the Anxiety Disorders Research Program at Georgetown University Medical Center and one of the authors of the study, said that this discovery opens new treatment options for patients and provides evidence that would get insurance companies to cover mindfulness-based solutions for those who have anxiety.  

You might not be surprised about the effectiveness of meditation, but for those who are beginners to the practice, consider this your introduction to all the benefits — including physical, psychological, and social. Below we rounded up 10 guided meditations for anxiety and stress on Alo Moves so you can find time to unwind, ground yourself, and focus on the present moment.  

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Time: 14 minutes 

Return to a state of inner calm and let go of stress and worries. This guided sound bath meditation will remind you that there is always an opportunity to choose peace — all you need to do is listen and breathe. 

Time: 22 minutes 

If you have racing thoughts and can’t get your mind to quiet down from anxious thoughts, tune into this 20-minute Yoga Nidra class. You’ll bring equilibrium to your body and mind as you sink into a deep meditative state to combat stress.

Time: 7 minutes 

Overthinking things? Invite spaciousness into your mindset, bring your attention to the present moment, and let go of any mental weights holding you down.

Time: 11 minutes 

Reconnect to your inner power and feel more grounded in your body in this 10-minute Reiki meditation. You’ll sense energy flowing through you and gain greater mental clarity during this session. 

Time: 5 minutes 

It can be hard to not only quiet the chatter of your mind, but also set it aside. In this soothing 5-minute meditation, leave behind previous lingering moments that give you unease and drop whatever storylines that may have been present so you can open up space for new beginnings. 

Time: 9 minutes 

Tend to any anxious or heightened sensation with an open, loving presence during this 10-minute meditation. This practice won’t change your past experience, but it will help you learn to relax into it just as it is. 

Time: 5 minutes 

Bring balance to your mind and body using a classic breathing technique: box breathing. As you’re grounding through your breath, the tones of crystal singing bowls will evoke a sense of peace and calm. 

Time: 10 minutes  

If you’re feeling scattered, overwhelmed, or stressed about the day ahead, this morning reiki meditation will help you gather your thoughts and emotions and approach the day with understanding and ease. 

Susy Markoe Schieffelin teaching a sound bath

Time: 12 minutes  

Put on your headphones and return to a state of balance and calm with binaural beats, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. This 10-minute crystal alchemy sound bath uses mismatched frequencies in your right and left ears to help you effortlessly relax into a state of deep rest. 

Kirat Randhawa meditating

Time: 8 minutes  

Arrive at a state of stillness and release tension in this 8-minute meditation. Focus on the sensation of breathing in and out to help foster relaxation.

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