Mental Wellness: A Spiritual Journey

Mental Wellness: A Spiritual Journey

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. El-Rayes presents a program of systematic approach to help you heal from depression, anxiety, and guides you to a path to mental wellness to create a much happier and more fulfilling life. Mental wellness goes beyond being free of a mental disorder. It is an active process of making choices to reach your potential.

The program uses evidence-supported practices and complements the medical services. It integrates the author’s personal experience with the work of several renowned psychologists and psychiatrists, including Abraham Maslow, Aaron Beck, Victor Frankly, Thomas Hora, and others, as well as some of the ancient and contemporary philosophers. Dr. El-Rayes developed this program to help him heal from depression and anxiety, and reach his potential. So far, the program has helped thousands of people.

This book will help you heal and guide you to become the best you. It will facilitate your self-transformation, and your journey to mental wellness. You will be able to learn more about yourself and discover the wonderful person you are, find your own way to spiritual growth, identify your life purpose, enjoy a meaningful and fulfilling life, and make a difference in the world. The also focuses on stress management and relaxation strategies.

About the Author

Hamdy El-Rayes, MBA, Ph.D., is a well-established mental wellness coach and the developer of the Mental Wellness coaching program. He is the Chair of the El-Rayes Foundation and Director of H.R. Mental Wellness Centre, which has served thousands of people since January 2006. He volunteers his time to help people who suffer from depression and anxiety and those who aspire to reach their potential and become self-actualized, whether they are at the beginning of their career or at their pinnacle.

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The book addresses the following topics:

Chapter 1. Mental wellness and how to achieve it
• The difference between mental wellness and mental health
• Mental wellness: Healing from and preventing mental illnesses
• An overview of the process to achieve mental wellness

Chapter 2. Getting ready for your life journey: stress management
• Stress and your well-being
• The effect of chronic stress
• Identification of stress levels and their cumulative impacts0
• Symptoms of stress
• Relaxation strategies
• Deep breathing
• Mindfulness and mindful-meditation

Chapter 3. Spirituality for the religious, the non-religious, and the atheist
• Spirituality and depression – a personal experience
• Religions and spirituality
• A definition of spirituality
• Spirituality and medicine
• Spirituality and mental health
• Benefits of spirituality
• Spirituality and well-being
• Believing in a Higher Power

Chapter 4. Discover the wonderful person you are
• Self-awareness and self-discovery
• Acknowledge and honor your uniqueness
• Peace of mind
• Physical and mental health
• Loving and accepting yourself and others
• Self-esteem and self-worth
• You are a human being, not a human doing
• Competitiveness
• Envy
• Honoring others’ uniqueness
• Your authentic self

Chapter 5. Self-transformation: the trip back home
• Impact of the ego on our lives
• Stages of spiritual growth
• Transforming the self
• How to recover your authentic self
• My spiritual journey and its benefits
• Benefits of recovering your authentic self
• Developing your character
• Role of a mental wellness coach

Chapter 6. Spiritual practice: essential qualities for lasting happiness
• Destiny
• Acceptance
• Surrender
• Kindness
• Love
• Service
• Gratitude
• Forgiveness
• Strategies for forgiveness
• Humility
• Living simply
• Charitable Giving
• Neuroscience and the joy of giving
• Social participation

Chapter 7. Life meaning and purpose
• Life meaning
• Why have a life purpose?
• The effect of cultural beliefs on the health of society
• Consumerism and mental illness
• Definition of life purpose
• My life purpose, social conditioning and its impact
• Your search for life purpose

Chapter 8. Applying your spiritual skills
• “Circle of influence” and “circle of concern”
• Reframing painful life-events and learning from them
• Mindful living
• Financial security
• A meaningful job—a source of happiness
• Recognize your need to change

Chapter 9. Spirituality and self-actualization
• Theory of human motivation
• Survival needs
• Self-actualization
• Barriers to self-actualization
• How to become self-actualized
• Qualities for self-actualization and how to develop them

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