In this edit of TBSW Talks, our fitness ambassador SammyJo will be sharing her tips and tricks to make sure you're well prepped for your next gym workout! 

Sometimes we all have those sessions that just fall flat and we leave feeling a little deflated and like we could’ve done more and pushed a bit harder. There are a few tips that I just want to share with you guys to make sure you’re maximising your workouts and making the most out of EVERY session. 

  1. Go in with a plan.There's nothing worse than heading into the gym and feeling overwhelmed because you have no idea where to start. The evening before write yourself out a little workout plan if you haven’t already subscribed to one or been set one by a PT. Make sure this workout is full of exercises you enjoy (but still ones that challenge you!) and are comfortable with. This will make you feel way more organised and focused when you’re in there.
  2. Take the time to warm up and cool down! Don’t get me wrong warming up and cooling down isn’t exactly THRILLING but your body will thank you. By warming up, you’re essentially waking up your body and getting it in the workout zone ready to smash your plan. Activation is also an amazing thing to include, especially for glute workouts. Grab your resistance band and get in an activation circuit. By doing this you’re engaging your glutes and improving their performance through your workout. 
  3. Mind to muscle.I remember reading about mind to muscle connection a few years ago and thinking what a strange concept but it really does work. Through every movement you need to really focus in on the muscle you’re using and the movement you’re carrying out. By focusing more consciously on the muscle the more enhanced the activation and fibre recruitment. The more effectively you can engage your muscles the more they’ll grow. A good tip for this is to face away from any mirrors in the gym and focus on how the movement feels rather than how it looks.
  4. Get THE BODY SOLUTION WEAR collection and get them on. The gym can be a really intimidating place and that’s why I think it’s important to go in feeling as good in yourself as possible! So grab your best gym set and go in feeling 10/10. 
  5. Train for YOU.For years I trained to look a certain way and to change things about myself and sure the gym can help us make physical changes that boost confidence but if you are walking into that gym to just focus on the negatives of your appearance then the whole experience is going to be filled with negative thoughts. Go into the gym and train for you, your mental wellbeing, to get strong and to be the best version of you!


From SJ xx @sammyjoaa



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